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Our company independentiy developed in 2013, the first 6.5 t configuration turbocharged engine and plunger pump hydraulic excavator tyred XY75W-9,and put into the market in 2014,75w-9 is a high-performance aircraft.Improvement on the basis of 65w-8,movable arm,arm extended,the vehicle equipped with eight 8.25-16 tires,increase the stability of the operation and improved through sex at the same time.Working device for customized, on the basis of guarantee the mining depth,mining,mining height and mining strength has greatly inceased.
Boom Length 3400mm
Maximum Digging Reach 6470mm
Maximum Digging Depth 3315mm
Maximum Digging Height 6590mm
Maximum Dumping Height 4935mm
Minimum Platform Tail Tuning Radius 2230mm
Width of Platform 1900mm
Overall Width 1950mm
Machine Height 2800mm
Distance from the Digging Arm to Rotate Machine 4090mm
Maximum Length of transportation 5900mm
Maximum Ground Clearance 390mm
Maximum Height for Bulldozing 490mm
Rise quantity decline quantity of bulldozing plate 380/100mm
Power 42kw/2100rpm
Machine Weight 6300kg
Volume of Bucket 0.3m³
Set pressure with main spill vale 22Mpa
Maximum Digging Force 45KN
Gradeability 59%(30)
Pressure to the Ground 49kpa
Travel Speed 27km/h
Maximum Traction Force 60KN
Swing Speed of Platform 10.5rpm
Fuel Tank Capacity 110l
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 125L
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