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55-8 crawler excavator is the company to increase the 55-7 type servo pilot operated on the basis of improving the stability of the whole operation, the new hydraulic system can achieve accurate driver operation intention, giving the driver a desired stable feel and superior digging force. Its biggest feature is no hydraulic interference, even if simultaneous operation of two or more of the working device, it is not affected by the size of the load, but according to the amount of operation of each of the operating lever will be allocated to the working pump output device, so the relative velocity of the working device remains unchanged, the controllability and operability are improved. And the installation of other accessories is also very convenient. More perfect system configuration is more reasonable, and its choice of engine and hydraulic system which is designed for excavators tailored, stable performance, power reserves and equipped with imported motor running, with excellent climbing performance with fast walking speed can be easily selected according to the operating environment.
Boom Length


Arm length 1650mm
Maximum Digging Reach 5900mm
Maximum Digging Depth 3540mm
Maximum Digging Height 5830mm
Maximum Dumping Height 4050mm
Minimum Platform Tail Tuning Radius 1520mm
Minimum Digging Buildozing 330mm
Width of Platform 1900mm
Width of Crawler 400mm
Distance from the Digging Arm to Rotate Machine 3520mm
Maximum Length of transportation 5240mm
Machine high 2600mm
Bulldozing plate high 350mm
Power 42kw/2100rpm
Machine Weight 5500kg
Volume of Bucket 0.25-0.3m3
Hydraulic System Working Pressure 20Mpa
Dosing pumps 2×25L/min+1×10/min
Variable pump 2×25L/min+17L/min
Walking motor Imported double speed
Maximum Digging Force 41KN
Gradeability 56%(29)
Pressure to the Ground 49Kpa
Travel Speed(Hight/Low) 2.1-3.5Km/h
Maximum Traction Force 53KN
Swing Speed of Platform 11rmp
Fuel Tank Capacity 110L
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 130L


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