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Five-foot steel scrap hooper

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A new source excavator since mass market, with its perfect quality and reliable service and excellent value for money by the trust of customers, unique in its class. To better solve complex multiple site issues, durable and trust centralized machine minicomputer flexible in one of the 5.5T system class hydraulic excavators strive to continuously innovate new generation of models, not only to meet the requirements of environmental protection and safety and optional wood claw clip, clip Ipomoea wood, stone jaw folder, SB hammers, iron clamp device, bucket quick converter and many other functions with one, fully embodies the practical value, but after the fetters of the proven performance in terms of mining operations and a variety of special machines, function, efficiency, but also have to expand and improve.
Various loading conditions, such as road construction work;
Earthwork engineering, hydraulic engineering and mining;
Municipal construction, agriculture and construction.
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